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We move Dirt


Better Built, the skilled professionals you can trust for your next construction project. Excavation forms the bedrock of any successful construction endeavor, and with Better Built, you can rest assured that this crucial step will be handled with utmost expertise.

At the forefront of site preparation, excavation takes the lead in clearing vegetation, removing obstacles, and leveling the ground to establish a solid foundation for your building. The excavation process for building foundations involves precision digging of trenches or pits, creating a stable base that guarantees the utmost stability and safety for your structure.

For projects that include basements or underground structures, our excavation services come into play, expertly digging out the required space to achieve the desired depth. In addition, we specialize in trench excavation, crafting narrow, deep channels in the ground to facilitate the placement of utilities such as pipes, cables, and drainage systems.

Not limited to construction, our excavation services extend to landscaping projects as well. We skillfully reshape terrain, construct garden beds, create ponds, and build retaining walls to enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outdoor spaces.

With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators, Better Built is your go-to partner for a comprehensive range of earthmoving services. Whether it’s commercial, residential, or government development sites throughout the Moscow, Idaho area, we’re here to prepare the grounds for buildings, roads, and various other applications.

Choose Better Built for top-notch excavation services that lay the groundwork for your success.